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    Wuxi Triumph Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-end gas equipment professional manufacturing company that has been active worldwide for over 20 years. Triumph is a national high-tech enterprise, with a group of engineers more than 30 years of experience, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and service of professional equipment in the fields of Industrial Gas, Natural Gas and Hydrogen Energy.
    Triumph has obtained 107 national patents and participated in the preparation of 7 national standards. Triumph was chosen as a "National Specialized Special New Small Giant" enterprise by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2023.
    The registered capital of Triumph is 80 million yuan, the annual sales more than RMB 300 million in 2023. Triumph has 40,000 square meters of modern standard factory and the most standardized production line in the industry, and with advanced digital management system and advanced fully automated manufacturing equipment, taking the lead in the industry to become an intelligent manufacturing factory.
    Triumph has reached an annual output of 6,000 sets of various types of Gas Equipment, and the products involve Cryogenic Storage, Vaporization, Pressure Regulation, PLC Control. Triumph also can provide EPC services for gas supply projects.
    Triumph can provide all kinds of Gas Equipment with GB, ASME, CE, CRN, DOSH, CCS and other relevant standards. Our products have been recognized and long-term supply by all multinational gas groups, and have extensive cooperation with CNOOC, CNPC, Sinopec Group, Towngas, China Resources Gas, China Gas, ENN Group, Guanghui Energy and many foreign natural gas (oil) groups. Triumph has Long-term export to the vast majority of foreign countries and regions, receiving unanimous praise from users from various countries.

 ■  ASME code with U Stamp 
 ■  License of Design and Manufacturing for “Category-3 Pressure Vessel” 
 ■  License of Design and Manufacturing for “Grade A&B Pressure Piping” 
 ■  License of Installation for “Grade-G2 Pressure Pipeline” 
 ■  Authorization of License of Importation and Exportation
 ■  ISO9001 International quality system certification 
 ■  ISO14001 Environmental management system certification 
 ■  GB/T28001 Occupational health and safety management system certification
 ■  107 national patents 
 ■  Obtained the title of national level specialized and innovative little giant  
 ■  Preferred Supplier by “China Nuclear Power Group” 
 ■  “National Advance Technology Enterprise” 
 ■  “Private Science and Technology Enterprise” 
 ■   Member of “China Transportable Pressure Vessel Committee” 
 ■  Member of “China Gas Association” 
 ■  Member of “China Municipal Gas Association” 
 ■  “Superior Quality Unit in Jiangsu Province” 
 ■  “Class A Tax Credit Rating” 
 ■  “AAA Credit Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” 
 ■  “Famous Trademark in Jiangsu Province”
 ■  Cryogenic liquid tank; 
 ■  Cryogenic Vaporizer(Ambient Vaporizer,Water-Bath Vaporizer); 
 ■  Gas Equipment Skid; 
 ■  Gas Pressure Regulating Device; 
 ■  PLC station control system(Unattended Operation); 
 ■  Brand Equipment Agency; 
 ■  EPC Contracting for Industrial Gas(Coal-to gas,municipal gas)Project,Design,Manufacture,Installation,Commissioning and other Services。
 ■   Key Municipal Gas Customer:Towngas、China Resources、China Gas、CNOOC、CNPC、Sino-pec、China LNG、ENN、GUANGHUI……

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