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4 Triumph has been awarded the national level honor of specialization, refinement, and novelty [2024-1-2]
4 Chairman Yu Bin has been appointed as a director of the China Helium Industry Innovation and Develop [2023-12-7]
4 Delivery of Lianyungang Guanyun LNG Storage and Distribution Station Project [2023-11-30]
4 Chairman Yu Bin Attended the 33rd Meeting of the China Industrial Gas Industry Association [2023-11-2]
4 General Manager Wang Gang's Glorious Retirement [2023-10-27]
4 A large number of cryogenic vacuum storage tanks for Xiamen Tianma project have arrived at the site [2023-10-18]
4 Triumph won the Innovative Product Award for Skid Mounted SCV [2023-9-14]
4 Our company participated in the world's most influential Gastech international industry exhibition [2023-9-5]
4 Triumph assists in ensuring gasification and supply at the Yangtze River LNG receiving station [2023-9-1]
4 Triumph participated in the preparation of the GB standard [2023-7-20]
4 Triumph Attended Vancouver Global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industry Event [2023-7-13]
4 Triumph exported large LNG equipment to Canada [2023-7-6]
4 The large-scale ambient vaporizer designed and manufactured according to ASME+U stamp with NB, will [2023-6-10]
4 Sichuan Energy Investment Suining LNG Storage and Peak shaving Base Successfully Delivered [2023-4-6]
4 Jinan Nancaofan LNG Reserve Peak shaving Station's [2023-3-14]
4 TRIUMPH Attends Chengdu 2023 Industry Exhibition [2023-11-24]
4 Triumph offered Medical Oxygen Equipment to Wuhan for emergency assistance [2020-2-17]
4 Wuxi Triumph obtained the Strain strengthening type test certificate of cryogenic storage tank [2019-12-28]
4 Cooperation between Triumph and Air Liquide headquarters in France [2019-12-1]
4 Wuxi Triumph held the regiment building activities of 2-days Tour in Shaoxing. [2019-11-18]
4 Taiwan Gas Association delegation visit TRIUMPH [2019-11-1]
4 Triumph attended 2019 IG China exhibition in Hangzhou. [2019-9-19]
4 Triumph won the bid of Henan province natural gas storage and transportation company project [2019-8-28]
4 New product launch conference of “Submerged combustion LNG vaporizer” [2019-5-29]
4 Triumph participated the natural gas conference in Thailand. [2019-2-27]
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