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Defog Device description  

Except the background fog device research

Air heated vaporizer is a kind of new and efficient environmental protection energy-saving device to heat the working air, mainly used in low temperature (-104 ℃ ~-196 ℃) fluid, such as: LO2, LN2, LAR gasification, LNG, LC2H4 low temperature medium, namely the cryogenic liquid into a gas at room temperature, in order to satisfy the application in various fields iron and steel, solar energy, electronics, shipbuilding, natural gas industry, chemical industry etc.. 

Generally larger size (≥ 2000NM3/h) of air heated vaporizer exist fogging phenomenon in the practical application process, the fog on the environment although no chemical pollution, but a lot of white mist diffuses into the production area will affect the operators line of sight, the general large-scale gasification station white fog will diffuse throughout the region, has brought security the hidden danger to the normal operation of the plant, road traffic, so the fog dissipation device of reasonable is very necessary.

Formation of white mist
Large air heated vaporizer by air natural convection and heat pipe heat low temperature medium heating gasification which, after exchanging heat with air temperature, condensation of water vapour in the air to form fog, gathered in the gasifier bottom and spreading. The results showed that the Δ T ≤ 0 regions for the fog region

Demisting device description
A demister gasifier the company invented, including around the fence gasifier around on the ground, the fence is arranged on the outer side of the exhaust device is communicated with the inner side of the fence, a static pressure box, the exhaust device comprises a bottom connected wind collector, air duct and air outlet elbow, static pressure box is arranged on the side wall a damper, air duct is provided with an impeller is connected with the motor and motor.

Demister principle
Through the fence will be concentrated in the fence in the fog, mist around a lot to prevent diffusion; the fence is arranged on the outer side of the exhaust device is communicated with the inner side of the fence, exhaust quantity according to the regulation of air and mist mist appropriate mixing and discharge upwards (or heating), discharge once again with the surrounding air mixing, thereby effectively to eliminate the mist to the surrounding environment, traffic and personal safety will not be affected, but also by increasing air velocity around the gasifier can make the equipment has greatly improved the efficiency of heat transfer, effectively extending the device switching time.


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